Monday 25 March 2013

Tomato masterclass and supper club

Yesterday's Tomato supper club menu was as follows:
 Smoked vodka Bloody Mary with chipotle sauce and rosemary
Homemade sourdough bruschetta with garlic and Isle of Wight tomatoes and gorgeous tomato butter

Spaghetti Napolitana with green salad
Tomato confit with vanilla cream (from Lindsey Bareham's book The Big Red Book of Tomatoes) which was eaten up with gusto by everyone, despite the weirdness of the recipe.

As it was snowing outside, we remained indoors, Zia Mays showing the guests how to graft blight resistant tomato roots onto tasty tomato roots. Everyone had a go, it was like the generation game: fun to see people's attempts with the scalpel, in the process butchering some tomato plants! We discussed different types of tomatoes, having been sent an early box by the Isle of Wight  Tomato stall, they had incredible quality and flavour considering how early it is in the year and the weather:

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