Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tomato Masterclass 24th March

Tomato water colour by Margaret Rodgers

It's not easy to grow tomatoes in the UK without a greenhouse. Our damp weather is not conducive to it. Last year the Secret Garden Club got one tomato. One. This year Zia Mays will be showing you how to graft a blight resistant variety onto other varieties. This means a higher chance of success. It sounds really technical, but it isn't, it's actually rather fun, like doing surgery on plants. Come along and learn how. MsMarmite will be cooking with one of her favourite ingredients. The menu is likely to consist of:

Bloody Mary
Spaghetti Napoletana (of which MsMarmite considers herself to be the worlds best purveyor )
Home- smoked tomato salad plus heritage tomatoes from the Isle of Wight Tomato company
Tomato soup cake

Tickets are only £30, include a goodie bag and are a bargain. Bring your own alcohol. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon with convivial company, learn something, eat something. 24th March, starts at 2pm.
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