Secret Garden Club: 
How does this work?
We teach you a skill (gardening, smoking, cooking, foraging) for about an hour then you have a supper based on what we have been teaching. Normally it's a cocktail and 3 courses. 
You can come on your own or in a group. We are very friendly. 
Do bring your own alcohol. 
At the end we often give you a goodie bag. 

3rd Annual Swedish Midsummer Supper Club

Come to my Swedish midsummer supper club with Linn Soderstrom. This time we will also have Swedish chef Marian Ringborg, who is currently working at Skye Gingell's restaurant Spring. 
This is the third year running we have hosted this. If it's nice it'll be in the garden. We will probably construct a birch Maypole. 
Look: Wear flower crowns or Viking gear if you feel like it.
Food: home cured/smoked salmon, different kinds of herring, Swedish cheeses, berries, crisp breads. Some bbqed food. Strawberry cake. Salty liquorice. Aquavit. Blaabar. All kinds of Scandi yumminess. 
Tickets: £50 (I'm flying chefs over from Sweden).
Date: June 21st.
Time: 7.30pm
Where: my place in Kilburn, The Underground Restaurant.
Book at this link:

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