About us

I'm Kerstin Rodgers, photographer, cook, writer and photographer. I'm known on the internet as 'MsMarmitelover' a name I coined when, trying to hide my identity, starting up my secret restaurant 'The Underground Restaurant' at the beginning of 2009, which sparked off a home restaurant/pop up movement across the UK. To book a dinner/lunch/tea or brunch check out my other blog: marmitelover.blogspot.com
I also run The Underground farmer's and craft market. I'm most interested in promoting a philosophy 'DIY punk' in which small producers, suppliers, craftspeople and growers get to promote and sell their products in a new way.
My book 'Supper Club: recipes and notes from The Underground Restaurant' (Harper Collins) came out in April 2011.
I've always been a keen gardener, especiallly when I moved into my current home in Kilburn which has a fabulous 80 foot garden, quite rare in London. The first five years I was obsessive about it, gardening from early in the morning till late at night, there was always a bit more to do.
Since I started The Underground Restaurant however, I got too busy to tend the garden. I met Zia Mays when she came as a guest. She's helped me sort it out. We've put in sleepers to delineate and raise the beds for instance.
My concept for the garden is quite romantic; a mix of vegetables, fruit and flowers, all planted together, making the most of the Victorian style of the house. I want a secret garden, just like in the book.
I started The Secret Garden Club to strengthen the link between gardening and cooking. One goes with the other. I'm a quasi vegetarian (pescatarian) so fruit, herbs and vegetables are essential for my cooking.
Zia is running monthly workshops teaching an aspect of gardening or say, learning how to smoke food, and then I provide a 'tea' inspired by the subject of the workshop.
Usually it's on a Sunday afternoon, we start with a one hour workshop then food and drink. You get a little gardening goodie bag to take home.
If you are interested please book here: