Friday, 26 April 2013

A potato feast

After our workshop on how to raise a successful crop of potatoes, the Secret Garden Club last Sunday retired for a potato-themed tea using many of the heritage varieties we grow in the garden.

Red Highland Burgundy and Salad Blue potatoes, scrubbed clean but
not peeled, ready for baking on a bed of salt.
The small baked potatoes were served with creme fraiche and some anointed
with caviar for a luxurious canape.
Waxy Cyprus potatoes were used in this salad with
wild garlic and feta.

MsMarmiteLover's homemade potato gnocchi, pillowy-light and
delicately flavoured. Once cooked very briefly, these were dropped
into a tomato broth.
Tomatoes and basil, ready for straining to make an intensely
flavoured liquor, the base for the gnocchi soup.

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