Friday, 6 January 2012

January: Culinary herbs and Medicinal Plants Workshop and Tea

Another Secret Garden Club: January 29th: Herbs and Medicinal plants. 
Herbs are easy and rewarding to grow, especially if you don't have much garden space. They don't need good soil. They will make the air fragrant as well as giving a lift to your cooking. They have health benefits too. We have known about medicinal plants for hundreds of years and we are in danger of forgetting their qualities.
£45 for the Sunday workshop and tea. Starts at 1.30pm
Book here:

As for the tea....some ideas include:

  • herbal cocktails
  • little herb 'sandwiches' like I've seen in Persian restaurants using fresh leaves and lavash
  • sage and butter pasta
  • all kinds of pesto: from the classic basil to wild garlic
  • coriander and lemon grass hot and sour soup

and for the sweets:

  • Bay leaf ice cream
  • Chocolate mint leaves
  • Using the sweet herbs such as basil in desserts...rhubarb and basil crumble.
  • Blood oranges with rosemary

and of course mint tea.

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