Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Secret Garden Club returns

 Virginia creeper and nasturtiums, autumn in my garden.

A monthly series of food and gardening workshops with Zia Mays held at The Underground Restaurant garden. Makes a great gift. The last one was a huge success!

20th November: Smoking! Time to take up smoking again. A workshop in which you will learn to do both hot and cold smoking with a variety of foods. Also tea smoking....
£60 for the Sunday workshop with drinks and snacks made by MsMarmite. Starts at 1.30 for the workshop then afternoon tea at 3pm.
Book here:

21st December: "Plant garlic on the shortest day, harvest on the longest day."Find out all about the allium family from chives, to onions (including the exotic Egyptian walking onions), spring onion, shallots, red onions, leeks, and different types of garlic.
£45 for workshop and mulled wine, mince pies and christmassy things. Starts at 1.30pm. This takes place on a Wednesday but most people will have time off then, so close to Christmas.
Book here:

January 29th: Herbs and Medicinal plants. Herbs are easy and rewarding to grow, especially if you don't have much garden space. Don't need good soil. Will make the air fragrant as well as lifting your cooking. They have health benefits too. We have known about medicinal plants for hundreds of years and we are in danger of forgetting their qualities.
£45 for the Sunday workshop and tea. Starts at 1.30pm
Book here:

February 26th: Potatoes! Spuds-u-like! You don't need alot of space for them, you can even grow potatoes in bin liners or on your balcony. The low down on the different potatoes: earlies, new, old, blue potatoes, heritage.
£45 workshop and tea: Starts 1.30pm
Book here:
March 18th : How to have salad 365 days a year. I'm sure you want to be as happy as these women. Especially as it's Mother's Day.
Bored with lettuce? Japanese, Italian, French salad leaves, good old English lettuce, growing them under glass, in a pot, on a window sill, it's easier than you think.
£60 workshop, tea and a signed copy of my book, the perfect mother's day present. Starts at 2pm after mum's lie-in.
Book here:

April 22nd: The three sisters, Cherokee companion planting. Take away a squash plant, sweet corn plant, climbing bean trio. Plus other companion planting tricks to keep insects at bay and make your plants happy.
£45 workshop and tea, will include cornbread.
Book here:

May: Foraging in my garden. Date to be announced.

June: Edible flowers: courgette, day lilies, elderflower, nasturtiums, marigolds, hibiscus, roses, learn to grow and cook them.
Class, elderflower cocktail, food and bouquet: £60 To be announced.

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